AQUANORM fish feed is a NORMFEED product.

About Us

It is our main duty to provide products and services that will improve the lives and success of all our customers in the future, as is today. Our aim is to provide more added value to ourcustomers business day after day, to increase their success and to bring their satisfaction to perfection. This perspective unites us in a common strategy of growth and targeting, and makes us proud of winning together. It is our rightful pride to be a business partner for all our customers and to be referred as a sector leading brand.

While creating this success story, Normfeed never compromises on conforming the laws and ethical principles during production. Human health, animal health and science are always top priority values for us. In line with these values, complying with all laws, regulations and rules in the sector we serve is an absolute must for all our employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce innovative, safe and high quality animal feed by combining our long-standing sectoral knowledge and expertise, our human resources of high competence and our R&D infrastructure.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue our activities without compromising on our quality, innovative and reliable production and to become the sector leading, top choice animal feed producer. To be placed and referred as a brand that is, sensitive to the environment, has high social responsibility and ethical values by all businesses in the sector.



Our power and operational capability is driven by our human resources. For this reason, we consider the differences between all our employees as a great source of power and we are proud of it. We are open and constructive towards all our employees, and perceive their different styles and perspectives as opportunities that improve the way we do business.


We feel a high degree of responsibility towards the society in which we live. For the improvement of the society and the increase of prosperity, we do our part and in this context, we focus on meeting the needs by using our competent and prudent human resources.


It is one of the most important parts of our corporate culture to fully understand the needs of our customers, to respond quickly and accurately by making an evaluation from a broad perspective and to continuously work in a customer oriented way.


One of the most important principles of our company culture is Performance. While constantly striving to improve our performance and do the best we can, we also exert ourselves by contemplating about how we can improve our performance. This has enabled each of our employees to know their responsibilities and to improve themselves by learning from their mistakes and has always given us strength.


We expect manners that represent leadership from each of our employees at every level of our company and give importance to creating opportunities for leadership. We ask our staff to share information and notice and reward individual efforts. We expect every employee to try to improve the current situation and conditions and to be the driving force for performance.


In our works, we adopt the highest ethical standards and quality understanding as principles in order to enable our customers to be more successful in their business. We employ the decisions and methods that we will be proud of while creating our success story, we pay great attention to the right things, in the right way.


Our way of doing business and our production process are designed to deliver high quality products that exceed our customers expectations. All of our employees, on their behalf, try to maintain this quality and improve their work.


How do I foresee the needs of my industry first, produce the fastest and the right solution, and then do it better? Seeking the answer to this question is a professional passion for all our employees. An innovative perspective to sustain our leading position and the passion for discovering the new will put us in a different place.


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